Computer Service Technician 

1.0 Carnegie Credit

LPPS Literacy & Technology Center

Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Industry Based Credential: CompTIA A+ Certification

Students will learn how to repair a wide range of computer problems as well as deploy new installations while gaining skills to pass the CompTIA A+ exam. The CompTIA A+ certification proves competence in a technician's ability to perform essential IT tasks such as installation, configuration, diagnosing, preventative maintenance, basic networking, and security. It also confirms a technician's understanding of customer service and communication skills needed to work with clients. 

Students will explore the following topics:


Computer Maintenance

  • Build, repair, troubleshoot, and diagnose computers using state of the art equipment and working in the field

Digital Literacy

  • Learn a broad range of computing concepts and techniques, which will provide the skills to work on computer hardware and software. This includes operating systems, basic programming, networking, and the internet.

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