Jump Start Summer is the  beginning of your journey.

Spend the month of June learning from teachers who are passionate about their fields of expertise and want to share it with you. Learn how to frame a house or wire one for electricity, fix a computer, program a website, respond to emergency situations with basic medical attention, or change the brakes in your car.

If you participate in Jump Start Summer, you will have the opportunity to be mentored by industry partners as well as receive career coaching and interview preparation. Industry partners will visit the programs periodically to speak as well as give feedback on your skills. You will also have an opportunity to visit a job site in order to gain an authentic learning experience. 

Once the program is completed, you will earn $400 for attending class every day and have an opportunity for a $100 bonus if you earn the industry based credential(s). 

Opportunities abound-get a jump start on your future, today!

Programming Console



emergency medical responder

Electrical Work

NCCER Electrical level ii

Shielded Arc Welding

nccer welding

level ii

Fixing a Computer

 computer service technician

medical assistant

Carpenter Tools

nccer carpentry

level ii


automotive technician

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