NCCER Welding, Level II

1.0 Carnegie Credit

Springfield High School

Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Pre-Requisite: NCCER CORE & Welding, Level I

Industry Based Credential: NCCER Welding, Level II

The follow-up course for NCCER Welding I, NCCER Welding II covers the following content:

  • Welding Symbols

  • GMAW & FCAW-Equipment and Filler Metals

  • GMAW & FCAW-Plate

  • GTAW Equipment and Filler Metals

  • GTAW-Plate

  • Reading Welding Detail Drawings

  • Physical Characteristics and Mechanical Properties of Mewtals

  • Preheating and Postheating of Metals


Students will have the opportunity to test for and earn Level II certification.


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